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These days there is plenty of information available for international students on how to choose a university or find a scholarship. However, not all of it is verified, some of it may be old and even misleading. Study abroad agents may be not available in all the regions and not all students are able to afford them.

At StudyQA we believe that access to information on higher education overseas should be easily available. Moreover, sometimes going through the application process becomes confusing and demotivating, there are many challenges on the way which are hard to handle alone. That is why we also aim to create the space for students from all over the world to connect, support each other, share their experiences, find friends and move to study together.

Thus, our Premium Telegram Chat aims to fulfill the needs of international students by combining professional advice and the power of like-minded global community to deliver the best possible experience to each of our members. We are happy to welcome you to our community!

What is inside our chat?

Get all your questions answered by our mentors

There are many different questions international students face during the application process starting from the scholarships and programs search ending with visa documents and accommodation search. Our mentors will support you through all the stages and answer all your questions related to studying abroad.

Sense of community

Applying abroad is a complicated process and sometimes it is hard to stay motivated and positive about it when there are no other people with the same goals around you. Our premium chat connects people with the same ideas and values from all over the world. You may find that there are students, who are in a similar situation as you are, who are going through the same issues, like stress when preparing for IELTS or lack of funding. You can get together and prepare for tests jointly or buddy up to support each other. You can also find friends from all over the world and even move to the same country together for your studies.

Personalized opportunities

Our team of experts regularly shares personalized opportunities relevant to the desires and needs of our members. This can be particular scholarships in a specific country or different opportunities to develop in a specific subject.

Access to our premium content library

For our premium members, we have created a special community library of content related to applying abroad with helpful tips, checklists, opportunities, and articles. The library is being constantly updated with new materials, so you will be able to discover opportunities that you did not even think of before and find all the relevant information way faster than by just searching the web.

English practice

The main language of the chat is English, which is a great opportunity for our members to practice. Moreover, sometimes we post quizzes and vocabulary related to IELTS or TOEFL and SAT exams.

Webinars and Q&A sessions with our mentors

Our mentors run webinars and Q&A sessions on particular subjects relevant to the needs of the premium members. We discuss topics such as ‘Study in Europe for free’, ‘How to find a Ph.D. in the USA’ and many others.

Helpful interactive tasks, tips, and tricks to write motivation letters or essays

Motivation letters, recommendation letters, and essays are often extremely important for the application, especially if you aim to receive a scholarship. Thus it is vital to know what and how to write, but it is also very valuable to have some practical experience. That is why we provide you with all the necessary information and tips on how to write great letters and essays. You will also be able to receive feedback from our mentors on your questions. This will help you to be prepared for an actual motivation letter or an essay for your application.

Our team

StudyQA has years of experience working with international students. We’re on top of trends, changes in universities’ and visa policies, and scholarship options. We have a database of over 45 000 programs worldwide to choose from as well as hundreds of scholarships and grants.

Our team of experts is here to help you with any questions. All of them have a lot of experience in studying abroad so they know for sure what you are going through. They are going to support you throughout your whole journey of applying abroad with all the questions and struggles that might occur!

Our experts:


Tatiana was accepted to a Master Degree at the Australian National University and has won a full governmental scholarship. Currently she is receiving her Ph.D. at Canberra University, Australia. She has a lot of experience in working with applicants and knows everything about applying to Australia. Furthermore, she can share her personal insights about life in Australia and studying abroad.


Anastasia has received a full scholarship from the French government to pursue her Master degree in Paris-1 University, Panthéon Sorbonne. She is currently writing her Ph.D. at the Central European University located both in Vienna and Budapest. Anastasia knows everything about applying to European countries, she has helped many students to apply to their dream countries.


Alexandra is the co-founder of the StudyQA project. She is currently studying at University College London with a scholarship and writes her Ph.D. Alexandra has been taking part in many international projects: she was an intern at the UN Headquarters in New York, participated in Russian Business Leaders Program in the USA, and went through several volunteering projects.

Get a chance to receive feedback and consultation from our experts and hear about their personal experiences!

Who is this chat for:

You are an international student, who wants to apply abroad for a degree or participate in a short-term program in the next 1-2 years.

You don’t have funds to contact an agent or you don’t want to work with an agency.

You want to be surrounded by like-minded people and be a part of the community of other students from all over the world, with similar ideas and values looking for similar destinations or fields of study.

You want to learn more about opportunities in your field of studies, your desired country, or with your budget, but it takes ages to find them on the internet.


A sense of community.

You will be joining the other prospective applicants, who share the same ideology and common Interest in pursuing their studies overseas. They may even come from the same region as you!

Get your questions answered.

Our admins and mentors will answer your questions, provide you with the necessary information, share relevant links, advice on scholarships, colleges, application questions, motivation letters, references and much more! You will be able to see questions and answers from other students as well!

You are not alone!

You may find that there are students, who are in a similar situation as you are, who are going through the same issues, like stress when preparing for IELTS or lack of funding. You can get together and prepare for tests together or buddy up to support each other.

Genuine information about universities and scholarships.

You will receive verified information about good universities and colleges as well as scholarship options in a fast and efficient way.

Develop intercultural skills.

International chat allows you to meet with other students from around the world.

No extra apps.

Convenient communication: no emails or forms.
Simply chat.

After joining the chat

You will be able to have a better understanding of the application process and opportunities, while also gain more confidence and motivation without paying hundreds of dollars for an agent.

You will see the experience of other members, get support from like-minded people with similar goals, make new friends all over the world, and maybe even move to a new country together!

You will get access to a pool of driven and motivated people to collaborate with, whether it is a joint SAT or TOEFL preparation or a new project to include in your CV.

You will get access to our constantly growing premium products database (checklists, webinars, articles, scholarships, and other opportunities worldwide).
You will be able to practice English and receive tips for exams preparation

FAQ: Questions and answers

The subscription allows you to join the chat for one month. Every next month the subscription fee will be withdrawn from your account. For example, if you joined on May, 15th, the next fee will be due on June, 15th. You can remain the chat member for as many months as you like. Most of our members stay with us throughout their application journey to receive support at various stages of their application process. This usually lasts for about 7-12 months.

To cancel your subscription, please contact the chat admin or email us at The subscription needs to be canceled at least 3 business days in advance.

Over 90% of questions can be answered by our team in the format of a chat. However, if you require preparation for an interview or some tailored help (selecting universities and scholarships that match your background) we can offer 1:1 support. A member of our team would be in touch with you to discuss the level of support needed and an estimated cost.

Yes! We have been collecting various opportunities available for international students from around the world for years. We will be sharing them in our chat as well as via individual student inquiries.

Yes. You could find the information by yourself if you understand how the process works and have a sufficient amount of time. However, our team of experts will save you money, time and help to avoid disappointing mistakes due to their knowledge of the application and admission processes as well as scholarship opportunities. Furthermore, the chat allows its members to connect and learn from each other's experiences, which is a huge benefit compared to going through the whole application process alone.

StudyQA Chat

StudyQA chat is a dynamic and proactive international student community, where applicants can meet mentors and ask questions about the application process, choosing universities and finding relevant scholarships and engage with other fellow applicants from around the world, preparing for tests or applying to the university of their choice together.

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