3 motivating films

Sometimes it seems that you have a blank wall in front of you, but even in it, upon close examination, you can feel the door. Films from today's selection teach you to appreciate every moment, not be afraid to make mistakes, and dream globally.

And in my soul, I dance (2004)

The film is based on the story of a writer from Ireland Christian O'Reilly. The author of the story has seen with his own eyes how people overcome serious crises - he worked at the Center for Granting the Right to Independent Living. There he met Dermot Walsh, a patient diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

From the film you will learn the story of 24-year-old Michael, whose life is bleak - he lives in a home for the disabled. However, the acquaintance with Rory O'Shea, chained to a wheelchair due to muscular atrophy, is rapidly changing the world of the protagonist - he understands that any difficulties in life can be treated with courage and dignity.

Peace Warrior (2006)

Aspiring athlete Dan Millman gets one gift after another from life. But the gymnast is in no hurry to give all the best in training - it is much more pleasant for him to drive a motorcycle or go to a party with friends. A serious injury negates global plans for the future - you have to start from scratch. The search for the path of life takes place in the company of a wise mentor - a mysterious new acquaintance of Socrates.

Always Say Yes (2008)

British writer and journalist Danny Wallace conducted an unusual experiment for six months - he answered positively to any requests. According to his book, it was decided to make a film - to tell the story of a hero who suffers from depression and constantly refuses any prospects and offers. However, suddenly he agrees according to which he must agree with all incoming proposals. You will learn what came of it from this inspiring film.

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