Animal Biology

Animal biology is one of subdisciplines of Biological Sciences, which subject is different kinds of animals and problems related to them. Animal biology (or zoology) is an umbrella term for several animal-related disciplines including veterinary science, agriculture, wild animals studies, marine and freshwater animals studies and others. Animal biology study programs are a perfect choice for those who loves animals and wish to work with them. Animal biology graduates can choose from a wide range of professions related to animals, for example, start a career in agriculture, wildlife care or veterinary science, or even start a business related to animals.

Program structure

Undergraduate study programs in Zoology usually include an introduction year, the following years are dedicated to Zoology itself. Undergraduate programs last from three to four years. Some universities host joint Bachelors and Masters programs, which last from four to five years.

Zoology study programs usually include field work with animals. Some universities encourage students to spend a year studying abroad or provide a variety of internships.

Study programs

You can find several Animal biology study programs on our website, for example, Bachelor Zoology in the University of New England, USA, MA Zoology, University of Innsbruck, Austria, or  Marine Zoology in Newcastle University, Medicine Malaysia, Malaysia. Some programs are available online.

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