quaculture is dedicated to farming fish, molluscs, water plants (seaweed), and other water creatures as a food or for other purposes.

One of the main issues of aquaculture is domestication of marine and freshwater animals and plants. The second one is organisation of farms so as not to harm the environment.

Program structure in Aquaculture

Aquaculture study programs are usually highly practical, consisting of a lot of fieldwork and exercises. They include fish breeding, fish nutrition and planning of aquacultural plants.

Aquaculture study programs also include basic courses in health care, zoology, chemistry and hydrology (water quality and other topics).

Career options for Aquaculture graduates

Aquaculture is a rapidly growing industry, which offers  highly-paid, diverse and interesting jobs.

Graduates holding a degree in Aquaculture can start working in a variety of fields. The most popular field is Hatchery - cultivation of fish or other animals. Graduates can also find a job on various fish or molluscs farms, or work on fresh fish processing positions. Graduates can also start a research or consulting career, or start their own business in aquaculture field.

Study programs in Aquaculture

If you wish to complete a degree in Aquaculture, you can either find a specific program or enroll into undergraduate study program in Marine Science and choose a Aquaculture specialization where it is possible, and then find a graduate study program in Aquaculture, for example, Master of Science in Aquaculture in Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Some programs in Marine Sciences can be found on our website. Use our Search to find a best program for you.

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