Biochemistry is one of the branches of chemistry, which subject is the molecular basis of life and chemical reactions of living organisms.  Biochemistry has a deep connection with Molecular Biology. The object of Biochemistry is complex biological molecules, for example,  proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids, and their reaction to other organic and inorganic compounds.

A study program in Biochemistry is usually highly practical and include one or several internships. A lot of universities also encourage students to spend a year studying abroad.

Future career

A degree in Biochemistry and the research work during the last year of education prepares graduates to a work in research area. Graduates can start a career as biochemistry scientists or analytical chemists. Graduates can also find a job in healthcare field and work as clinical bioscientists. For many career paths a higher degree (Masters or PhD) is strongly required, but graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry can also find a perspective job in scientific and nonscientific areas.

Study programs in Biochemistry

On our website you can choose from wide range of study programs in Biochemistry, for example,  BSC Biochemistry with Management with a year in industry/research, Imperial College London, UK,  MA Biochemistry, Copenhagen University, Denmark, or BA Biochemistry, University of Liverpool, UK.

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