Difference between BSc and BEng

Engineering as an academic discipline can be taught in two most common ways - as a Bachelor of Science study program and Bachelor of Engineering study program.Although these programs have similarities, they are designed for different purposes and the set of knowledge and skills obtained after completing these degrees is different. So what is the main difference between Bachelor of Engineering degree and Bachelor of Science degree?

The curricula of Bachelor of Science degree is more theoretical. That means than the study program of a Bachelor of Science degree is mostly dedicated to researching and theoretical principles, based on past experiments. It may include practical courses (and most likely does include), but the aim of the practical courses is to prove the theoretical principles. Bachelor of Engineering degree, on the contrary, more focused on practical activities. Of course, theoretical courses are a very important part of curricula, but they are aimed to explain practice.

Note that not all countries and universities provide an opportunity to receive a Bachelor of Engineering degree. These degrees are more common in technical or engineering universities in such countries as  USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore.

Noticeable that the name of a completed degree is usually not important for employers, so there is not any information about employment of graduates holding a Bachelor of Science degree in comparison with graduates with a degree in Bachelor of Engineering. Employers are usually more interested in the undertaken courses, grades, work and research experience.

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