Career options for Development Studies graduates

As the Development Studies combines a lot of social sciences, the list of career prospects for graduates with a degree in this area depends on the chosen specialization and dissertation. Here are some of possible career options.

Development Studies graduates are both welcome in non-governmental and governmental organizations. For example, they can work in international development institutions, or in organizations like Oxfam. A job of development  specialists may include a lot of travel - they can work of the development projects in the poor countries of Africa, Asia or Oceania, or stay in the “First-World” countries and organize the process, finance and support.

Consultancy is also one of the most common career paths for graduates with a degree in Development Studies. Consultants cooperate with various social and charitable organizations. They can work in an agency or engage in freelancing. This career path is usually unavailable for graduates without work experience, so graduates should better start their career path with an internship or volunteering practice.

Many graduates with a bachelor degree in Development Studies continue their education and receive a Master and PhD degree in order to start their research practice in higher educational or research institutions. They can also become professors in their area or try themselves in secondary education - they can teach Social Sciences and Economics. However, a career in the area of teaching in schools always requires additional education in pedagogics.  

Graduates in Development Studies can also continue education in other fields - usually all study programs in social sciences welcome students with a Bachelor degree in Development Studies.

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