Career options for Energy Engineering graduates

Energy Engineering is a wide and developed area that offers many vacancies for both graduates in the field of Energy Engineering, and for graduates holding a degree in Engineering. Here are some of them.

Energy engineers are on demand in areas related to production of energy through natural resources, such as oil or gas. They are working on finding the most clean and eco-friendly methods of supplying energy. The typical employers for Energy Engineers are governmental organizations, oil and petroleum companies, and manufacturing companies.

Many environmental organizations also welcome specialists in Energy Engineering to design and develop alternative sources of energy, as well as to investigate the impact of conventional energy systems on the environment.

Graduates in Energy Environment can also start their career in non-related to Energy Engineering and other Engineering areas. IT area is quite common for graduates holding a degree in any Engineering since they receive a strong skills in computing. Many graduates combine their education with a degree in Business or Law and start their career in production business or legacy.

Most employers ask future Energy Engineers to have a relevant work experience, which can be received with a help of internships and part-time work during the education process. Usually universities encourage students to participate in internships, some study programs in Energy Engineering even include a year abroad in industry. If a study program does not include practice, students can find an internship or a temporary work during the summer holidays.

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