Career options for Environmental Health graduates

Environmental Health is an interdisciplinary and combined theoretical-practical education, which means that graduates with a degree in Environmental Health can apply for a variety of job placements even after completing a Bachelor degree. Here are some options for Environmental Health graduates.

Governmental area

Many graduates with a degree in Environmental Health find themselves in governmental area. Specialists are engaged in research in the field of health and the environment, as well as communication with the public. They also supervise restoration of the urban environment and control of the improvement of the quality of life. The list of possible career possibilities in governmental area includes - Industrial hygienist, Retail environmental health and safety specialist, environmental science and protection technician.

Non-profit organizations

Non-governmental environmental organizations also welcome graduates with a degree in Environmental Health. They can also work as analysts or hold management positions. Career paths in inspecting (for example, food safety inspectors) or investigating (like hazardous waste specialist or sanitation director) are also available.

Requirements for candidates

Usually a Bachelor degree in enough for applying for many entry-level career options in Environmental Health, especially in governmental area and other areas which are not related to research activities. However, career in scientific and research area requires a Master degree in Environmental Health or a particular specialisation of Environmental Health - it depends on the chosen job placement. PhD degree in Environmental Health is rarely needed - mostly for teaching in higher education institutions and some rare top management positions.

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