Career options for Soil Science graduates

Soil Science and Soil Ecology are rather research disciplines, most of the students studying these disciplines plan to start their career in this particular area. This makes sense - study programs in Soil Science and Soil Ecology mostly consist of development of specific skills, which can only be applied in these areas, and fieldwork related to Soil Science. That is why many graduates holding a degree in Soil Science or Soil Ecology continue their education and complete a PhD degree in this area in order to start postdoctoral research and eventually become soil scientists.

Soil scientists combine fieldwork, laboratory work and office activities. This area of science usually includes a lot of trips in different parts of the world, so if you want to become a soil scientist, get ready for a lot of outdoor activities.

Soil scientists can either work for educational institutions or science societies, or become self-employed and perform independent research projects and manage counselling. Scientists working for educational institutions may need to combine their research activity with part-time teaching.

But of course, there are some other  career options. For example, some of the Soil Science graduates work in agriculture area as soil specialists or counsellors. Science journalism is also one of the possible options for Soil Science or Soil Ecology graduates. Ecology non-profit organizations also welcome Soil Science and Soil Ecology graduates for many job placements. Many of employers require at least a Master's degree in these (or relevant areas), but Bachelor graduates can also find a job - they might also need to receive some work experience by internships or volunteering.

2022-01-14 10:18:50
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