Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is one of the main branches of Engineering, which combines applied chemistry, microbiology, physics and mathematics in order to produce chemical compounds or energy. A degree in Chemical Engineering opens a huge diversity of career opportunities for graduates.

Program structure

Undergraduate programs in Chemical Engineering usually last from three to five years. Graduates from Chemical Engineering study programs usually receive a BEng (Bachelor of Engineering, or Bachelor of Science) degree. The first year of program is usually dedicated to basic engineering courses, technology, applied mathematics, chemistry and biology. During the following years students will choose a specialization, and receive a lot of laboratory and practical lessons. During the last year of education students will prepare a research project.

Future career

Chemical Engineering area, like many scientific disciplines, often require a high level degree (Masters or PhD) to start a career, but some organizations welcome Bachelors graduates to apply for a job. Chemical Engineering graduates can start a career as lab workers or junior researchers. Graduates can also apply for a job in food production area, science journalism or wastewater management.

Students completed an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering can also continue their education in the following areas: Pharmacology, Chemistry, Microbiology, other fields of Engineering.

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