Childhood Studies

Childhood studies is an interdisciplinary science, which deals with upbringing, development and psychology of infants and children. It combines such disciplines as psychology, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, law and many other humanities disciplines. The aim of childhood studies is standing for children’s rights, learning children’s specific psychology and patterns of behavior. Childhood Studies is an academic discipline, which can be taught in an university. This discipline was established at the end of the last century in USA.

Career options for Childhood Studies graduates

Since the curriculum of Childhood Studies includes all needed courses for working with children and infants, it is obvious that many graduates start their career path in those areas - whether it is education area (schools and kindergartens), psychology, healthcare centers and clinics, hospitals, shelters - maybe even advocacy area! Many career paths need special additional education, but this problem can be solved during the education period - many universities provide joint study programs, for example, Childhood Studies and Law, so applicants can choose more specifically the area they wish to be related to during their lifetime.

Study programs in Childhood Studies

Several study programs in Childhood Studies can be found on our website, for example,  Childhood Studies in University of Leeds, UK, Childhood Studies in Oxford Brookes University, UK, or  Early Years and Childhood Science in the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Some more study programs you can find by using the Search button.

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