StudyQA — PhD and Postdoctoral grants, CNES, France

PhD and Postdoctoral grants, CNES, France

The Centre national d'études spatiales (CNES) provides a big amount of grants for engineers working with orbital systems and space transport systems, and sciences using space assets. The scientists are supposed to work on their research within CNES for one or two years. Doctoral and postdoctoral scientists are encouraged to start teaching practice. The scholars are expected to start working in December at the latest.

Please note that the doctoral projects will be co-financed by Centre national d'études spatiales and a financial partner, which should be found by scholars.


Post-doctoral researchers should hold a PhD degree or equivalent; PhD researchers should hold a Masters degree.

 PhD students will have to find a French hosting laboratory by themselves, and the laboratory will suggest a topic for the future project. PhD project will be necessarily co-financed by CNES and financial partner.

 Postdoctoral researchers are welcome to choose a topic for their future project by themselves. Postdoctoral contracts will be fully-funded by The Centre national d'études spatiales, but co-financing is acceptable.

How to apply

The application form will be available in January on the official website. The application deadline is March 31, 2017. Postdoctoral applicants will be invited to an interview in April or May 2017. The results will be announced by mid-June.

Some further information about these grants and programs available can be found on the official website of The Centre national d'études spatiales. 

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