Communication Studies: pro and contra

Studying Communication in a foreign university has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Communication studies is very modern and actual discipline, connected with everything which is on high demand in modern society - media, public relations;

  • Communication Studies program gives its graduates a new sight onto the world and society, an ability to communicate with very different people in personal life, help in relationships with relatives and friends, new horizons for understanding the world;

  • A powerful scientific background;

  • During the Communication Studies education period and several internships, students get to know some useful acquaintances;

  • Students receive strong writing and speaking skills, solving problems ability, critical thinking and cooperation ability;

  • A huge variety of available professions: from publisher, journalist and editor to media buyer, public relations specialist


  • A lack of practical and business skills you receive by the graduation time, emphasis on the scientific part instead;

  • According to journalists and public relations specialists, constant practice taught them more than an university degree.

2022-01-14 10:17:24
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