Cultural anthropology

Cultural anthropology is one of the branches of Anthropology, which studies a diversity of сultural paradigms of societies all around the world. Its aim is comparing different cultures and finding common points about them. Cultural anthropologists also collect and record customs or rare and endangered tribes, so cultural anthropology often requires a lot of fieldwork in the most remote places of the globe. Anthropology scholars use such methods as interviews and surveys in their research.

Cultural Anthropology is deeply connected with philosophy, aesthetics  and history of art.

One of the main topics of cultural anthropology is the phenomenon of art in different cultures. The concept of art is very different in Western culture and in other cultures of the world, and the task of the anthropologist is to find common points in all cultures to investigate what is art for all people on earth.

Some study programs in Cultural Anthropology are concentrated on urban culture and features of the culture of large cities.

Study programs

On our website you can find several graduate and postgraduate study programs in Cultural Anthropology in institutions all over the world, for example,  Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (BA), Utrecht University, Netherlands,  Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology: Anthropology of a Sustainable World, Leiden University, Netherlands, and Cultural and Social Anthropology, the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. You can find more study programs in Cultural Anthropology using Search.

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