Disaster Management

Disaster Management is an applied discipline which prevents emergency situations and work with emergency situations that have already occurred. This discipline includes preparation for emergencies (for example,a training alarm, or ability to provide first aid), providing support to people affected by an emergency, participation in the restoration of damaged areas, as well as the evacuation of residents of dangerous areas and volunteer labour organization.

Emergency situations are presented in several types - natural (for example, earthquakes, avalanches, tsunamis or volcanic eruptions), man-caused (accidents or leaks of toxic gases) and social (terrorist attacks). All these emergency situations are very specific and require a special training - and that is the duties of disaster management specialists. They usually join their efforts with rescue services and charity foundations

Although many disaster management specialists do not have a particular degree in Disaster Management and complete degrees in related fields such as Geology or Public Health, many universities provide a specific degree in this particular area, which is very useful if you have strongly decided to connect your life with difficult and honorable mission of saving people from disasters. Several study programs, for example, MA Disaster Management in Copenhagen University in Denmark, can be found on our website. Use the Search button to find the most suitable study program.

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