Economics: MA or MBA?

Graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Economics or relevant area can continue their education either applying for MBA or Master’s degree in Economics.

Both of these paths has its advantages. Master’s programs are usually more specific - they are designed for students who have already chosen their specialization during the undergraduate degree, and now they are wishing to continue their education in this particular field. The curriculum of Master’s degrees in Economics usually consists of studying the chosen field, as well as research activities and practice. Graduates of master's degree programs in economics can  either  continue their education and obtain a PhD degree, or work on the exact issued they were studying. Of course, graduates can find some other job in economics field, but it will most likely require some specific completed courses or internships. Therefore, a strong specialization in particular area of economics during the Master’s study program decreases the diversity of career options in Economics.

MBA study program in Economics, however, is much more diverse. It usually consists of several modules, dedicated to different areas of Economics. MBA programs are also usually more applied than Master’s programs.

Obviously, there isn’t a right answer for a question “What should I choose  - MBA or MA?”. The answer depends on your goals, your willingness to be enrolled into research activity or PhD degree. But if you wish to get a short answer - here it is: if you wish to develop specific skills and become a specialist in a certain area of the economics - choose MA, if you wish to get a strong, diverse and practical degree with a variety of job opportunities after graduation - choose MBA.

2022-01-14 10:18:05
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