Fashion Design

Students interested in fashion and style, wishing to start their career as fashion journalists, designers or buyers might be interested in completing one of the Fashion Design study programs. Fashion design is one of the Design Studies sub-disciplines, but it is always taught separately, so you can choose this specialization even when you apply for the Bachelors program.

The structure of the Fashion Design study program usually includes traditional theoretical methods such as lectures and seminars and modern practical methods: workshops and internships in the fashion agencies and fashion schools. Fashion Design is highly practical study program: students are required to collect their work portfolio during the study period. After the graduation process, students are sometimes asked to continue their career path in the fashion school of the university.

The usual length of the BA study program of Fashion Design is four years, including several internships. Some universities provide joint undergraduate and postgraduate study programs in Fashion Design, which is the fastest way to hold a Masters degree in this area.

Entry requirements

Admission process for Fashion Design study programs is usually highly competitive. Sometimes applicants for undergraduate programs are required to submit their work portfolio. High grades in high school (especially Maths) and English proficiency is mandatory.

Future career

Graduates from the Fashion Design study programs can start their career in variety of fashion areas, for example, advertising, social media, journalism, marketing, PR and, of course, fashion design. Some universities help graduates with employment.

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