Feedback from our internship participants

Friends! You often ask us where you can read impressions and see pictures of participants in our programs. We've compiled several reviews into one article!

Medical internship in Belgrade, review by Islam Karimov

Hello. My name is Islam. I would like to share with you my experience from my internship in Belgrade. Why is it worth flying here?

  1. Medicine is at a decent level.

  2. They allow you to participate in all medical manipulations.

  3. All (almost) doctors are cheerful and happy to comment on the process.

  4. All speak English.

  5. Outside the hospital:

  6. Tasty and inexpensive food.

  7. Transportation is free.

  8. Beautiful city.

  9. Hospitable people (very fond of the Russians)

  10. I personally really enjoyed it and would stay here for a long time.

Staying in a hotel in China, review by Snezhana Biserova

First of all, I would like to say thank you very much because the experience abroad is priceless, I learned so many new and useful things. The main advantage of an internship is that the Chinese in terms of service are very meticulous, so you can safely count on the fact that in half a year you will become a professional in the hotel industry. Also, the Chinese love foreigners. And, of course, it's great to work right on the coast. But, the biggest challenge, in my opinion, is that language still plays a role and you need it if you're in a small town like Yantai. Because they don't speak much English in China. So my advice would be to learn a few phrases in Chinese.

Business internship in China, review by Anna Bakhmatova

  • What's the main benefit of an internship?

I have forever decided for myself that I will not go to China to work. Only for very big money and then for a while. I want to note that I did not have any culture shock, etc. I know this country and people very well, I just wanted to see what big Chinese companies are like from the inside. So I did.

The main advantage is a plus to my resume in the form of foreign internship experience, but not in the form of skills

  • What were the challenges?

I would like to point out the work of the company and the supervisor as positive aspects, as everyone was very friendly, changed my visa type, helped me with accommodation, accompanied me during my doctor's appointment, and even let me use a SIM card for free. But most importantly, their excellent visa support, which worked just as I had planned. (There was the complicated procedure of changing a tourist visa to an intern visa, and extending it by a month). So it's a 10/10.

That's why it's a 10/10 here.

  • Did you find any shortcomings and points for improvement?

I don't know if the Chinese bosses' attitude towards foreigners in the company can be improved, but I didn't like this point at all.

  • Commend this program to the next participants and what tips would you give?

I advise against going to Envee, but otherwise, it's quite advisable to try your hand at China! And always remember that you can always rely on StudyQA.

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