Food Management

If you are interested in food science and restaurant management, you can choose a food management specialization of Hospitality. Food Management covers a lot of topics, including food production, restaurant business, food hygiene, customer service.

Program structure

An undergraduate prody program in Food Management usually last from three to four years and includes a variety of internships and fieldwork. Those who are interested in Food Management but don’t want to complete a full degree, might like short programs, for example, this one.

Career options for Food Management graduates

Graduates holding a Food Management degree can start career path in several fields, including restaurant business, food production, hospitality management, food journalism. Graduates can also start career as restaurant critics. On of the advantages of degree in Food Management is that graduates do not have to complete a higher level degree (Masters or PhD) to get a highly paid and perspective job.

Study programs

You can find several study programs in Food Management on our website, for example, BA Gastronomy and Culinary  Arts in Ozyegin University, Turkey, Hotel and Food Services Management, in Bournemouth University, UK, or prep. Undergraduate Certificate in Restaurant Operations (Online) in American Public University, USA. You can find some more programs using our Search.

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