Genetics is one of the subdisciplines of Biology, which is usually taught as a separate course. The subject of Genetics is  heredity in living organisms and genetic variation. It was started by Gregor Mendel, a biologist of 19 century.

Genetics is a rather practical discipline, deeply connected with medicine and agriculture. Genetics is used to explore inherited disorders, and to find out the susceptibility to certain diseases depending on human genes.

Genetic selection is one of the branches of genetics, which aim is improving and developing varieties of plants and breeds of animals using selection method.

Genetics study programs

On our website you can find several Genetics study programs, for example, MA Biomedical Genetics and Tissue Engineering in Brunel University Uxbridge, UK, BA Biochemistry and Genetics in University of Sheffield, UK, or PhD Genetics  in Kansas State University, USA. Use search to find more interesting Genetics Studies programs.

Future career

Genetics Studies graduates can start their career in modern biomedical and healthcare industry or start research and teaching activity after achieving a Masters or PhD degree.The list of some career options available after receiving a degree in Biological Sciences you can find here.

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