Horticulture is one of the sub-disciplines of agriculture which works with plants and cultivation of plants, which are used in food industry, as food for animals and in many other branches of industry, such as textile, pharmaceutical and perfumery industries, and also as decoration. Horticulture as a science studies variety of hybrids of cultivated plants, features of their biological structure and the most advanced methods of their cultivation.

The list of taught specializations of horticulture include biotechnology, ornamental horticulture or urban horticulture.

Usually graduates holding a degree in Horticulture apply for a job after completing a degree, but some of them decide to continue their education and apply for a higher level degree to start research activity in this area. The most popular option for those who wish to apply for an undergraduate study program in Horticulture is a Bachelor of Science degree, but some universities also provide associate degrees, which last two years.

The list of career opportunities for Horticulture graduates is very wide, from Landscape Construction and Management experts to Industry Support specialists, it depends on the chosen specialization and level of study.

Study programs in Horticulture

You can find several study programs in Horticulture be using our website, for example,  Bachelor Horticulture, South Dakota State University, USA, or  Horticulture (BS/MS) in Kansas State University, USA,  or BSc Horticulture in University of Greenwich, UK. Some more study programs can be found by using our Search button.

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