How to apply for a Management study program

Management and Organization is a popular choice of students, but it is not always clear how to apply for study programs in this area. Of course, all countries and universities  have their special requirements for applicants for Management study programs, but some rules are still the same for all institutions.

Which high school subjects should I choose for a degree in Management?

Preparation for higher education must begin at school. If your school can provide education in subjects such as business or economics, do not neglect it. Courses in Computing can also be useful. High scores in Social Sciences will also be an advantage for many study programs in Management and Organization. Natural Sciences, such as Mathematics and Physics, sometimes are needed too.

What about language?

Most study programs in Management and Organization are taught in English. That means that all applicants for these study programs need to demonstrate language proficiency. If your native language is other from English you need to pass a language certification. Search on your chosen university’s website and find out which certifications are acceptable. Usually it is TOEFL and IELTS. The minimum results are different for different universities, but 6.5 - 7 for IELTS or 80-90 for TOEFL should be enough for many universities, especially outside the USA and UK.

Other requirements

High school education varies from country to country, and the list of knowledge and skills of school leavers also varies depending on the country and its requirements. Therefore, school leavers from many countries are not allowed to higher education abroad in countries with stronger higher education. That means that those who wish to apply for a study program in a strong university abroad need to complete at least one year of relevant higher education in their own country. This rule does not apply to all universities, so check carefully the requirements of your chosen university, and do not forget about deadlines!

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