How to become a Lawyer?

Lawyer is one of the most prestigious and perspective professions nowadays. But if you want to become a qualified lawyer, a degree in the related field isn’t usually enough. Besides a degree and work experience, legacy institutions usually require special qualifications for lawyers.

First of all, you need to complete a Bachelor degree in Law (LLB or Bachelor of Arts in Law). During the education period you will most likely be enrolled into volunteer advocacy practice, which will give you basic work experience and understanding of advocacy processes.

After receiving a Bachelor degree graduates who were studying in USA need to pass the Law School Admission Test, which assesses developed skills and background knowledge received during the education period.

Graduates can also apply for a legal training, which is mandatory for many legacy institutions all over the world. Legal training can last from one to two years, after its completing a placement in a court or other legacy organisation is provided to graduates, where they can work and develop their skills before the actual employment for up to several years.

However, in some countries (for example, Mexico), graduates can start their career in Law area just after completing a Bachelor degree in Law.

Graduates wishing to advance their skills and career opportunities can also complete a JD (Juris Doctor) degree in USA. This degree can be completed in two or three years.

Just like in any other career path, lawyers can advance their career by working along with more experienced colleagues.

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