Human Biology

Human biology is an important branch of Biological Sciences, dedicated to human body as a complex system. Human biology is closely connected with psychology, medicine and biochemistry. One of the most important issues of Human biology is the structure of the human brain and nervous system, as brain is still the most unexplored organ of the human body.

Some universities, for example, Stanford University or Glasgow Caledonian University, teach Human biology programs as an interdisciplinary course combining biology and social studies, such as psychology and anthropology. Other universities, for example, Copenhagen University, make emphasis on the biomedical side of Human biology.

Future career

Graduates of Human biology study programs can start their career in various medical institutions, food technology firms, or the environment sector. A lot of Bachelors and Masters graduates continue their education and start research activity. PhD graduates are able to choose from wide range of career opportunities: they can work as researchers in various private and government institutions, or start teaching or consulting career.

Study programs

Some of the Human biology study programs in various universities can be found on our website. The following programs might be interesting for you:  Human Biology MA in Copenhagen University, BS Human Biology in the Queen's University Belfast, UK, or  Anthropology and Human Biology in Emory University, USA. Use search to find more interesting Human Biology programs.

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