Best Resources for IELTS Preparation

If you intend to enroll in a foreign university, then you understand that you almost certainly cannot do without an English proficiency test. Often, for a good grade, it is not enough just to know English - you need to understand the structure of the exam and spend a lot of time practicing special skills. We've prepared a list of the most useful IELTS preparation resources for you: here you will find practice tests, youtube channels, and many useful sites that you cannot do without if you want to pass the exam with a high score.

Pre-test tests - One of the best sources for practice tests is the British Council website.Unfortunately, there are not so many tasks, but it should be enough for the first acquaintance with the test. - 13 mock tests that completely copy the structure of the exam. - one trial version of the exam on the official IELTS website. - two more mock tests. - a useful resource: in the comments people write questions and topics that they metthem on real exams.The resource is very popular, so there is a high probability that someone will indicate exactly the topic that you may come across on the exam (in the oral or written part). - a huge number of sample tests to prepare for Listening.

Video for preparation for IELTS

https: // is the official IELTS channel.The most useful are examples of oral responses with ratings and comments. - several dozen useful videos on different sections of the exam. - more than a thousand videos from different teachers (you can choose to your liking) on ​​different aspects of the English language, includingnumber ofand about preparing for IELTS. - a lot of detailed videos with instructions for all sections of the test.

Other resources - many useful materials, including examples of writing essays with comments. is a useful paid resource.For $ 27, you can download and check 8 of your essays - you will receive an assessment and comments from an expert. - a podcast with interviews with those who successfully passed IELTS (by 7-9 points) - many articles on various aspects of the test. - Daily lessons from someone who used to be an IELTS examiner. - An extensive list of words commonly found in IELTS Academic.

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