Levels of study at university

Bachelor's level

Bachelor's level is also known as first cycle in the European Region. You may also be familiar with the term 'undergraduate'. In Sweden, there is a wide range of international courses available at this level, but a limited number of study programmes. These courses and programmes are taught in English. Very basically, a student must have completed upper secondary studies in order to be qualified for study at this level. There are also English language requirements.

Master's level

The next level is master's, also knows as second cycle in the European Region. The term 'graduate level' can also be used. Universities in Sweden offer a large range of international master's programmes where the language of instruction is English. These programmes are open to both Swedish and international students who have earned a bachelor's degree (equivalent to a Swedish kandidatexamen). There are English language requirements at this level as well.

Doctoral level

After having earned a master's degree, students have the possibility of continuing their university studies at the doctoral level. Students interested in studying at the doctoral level have a different admissions process than students studying at other levels. For more details, please see our special page about doctoral studies.

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