A Master's Degree in Social Work

After completing a Bachelor Degree in Social Work, most graduates decide to continue their education and apply for a Master’s Degree. Although a bachelor's degree in social work provides enough skills to find a job in the social work field, a master's degree aims to develop these skills and allows its graduates to start their career with a higher level.

Why complete a Master’s Degree in Social Work?

As it was said, Master’s degree opens a lot more opportunities in social work field than Bachelor’s. As Bachelor’s degrees usually give basic knowledge in Social Work and prepare general specialists, Master’s degrees are usually more  advanced and specified and prepare specialists in specific areas of Social Work. For example, Master’s graduates more likely will be chosen for an administrative position. In addition, if you choose to enroll into clinical social work practice, you will be obligated to complete a Master’s degree in Social Work, as Bachelor graduates are not allowed to diagnose mental illness.

Finally, graduates of Master's programs in Social Work are likely to receive higher salaries than graduates of Bachelor's programs.

Program structure

CSWE accredited Master’s study programs in Social Work (USA) should last at least two years (if it is a full-time program), but in countries outside the USA study programs in Social Work can last from one to two years full-time.  Master’s programs always include supervised internships in a variety of social institutions.

Study programs

You can find several Master’s study programs in Social Work using our website, for example, MRes Social Work in Sheffield Hallam University, UK, MA Social Work in Oxford Brookes University, UK, or MA Social Work in University of Birmingham, UK. You can find more study programs using our Search.

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