Master degree in Sociology

Master degree in Sociology is a choice of those who wish to apply for a more advanced job offer in the field of Sociology and Social Sciences, and also those who have chosen their specialization and decided to start research practice in this area.

One of the main differences from a lower level education is that Master degree is designed by taking into account the research work of the students. That is why Master degrees in Sociology (and in many other areas) are more individual, than Bachelor degrees in equivalent fields. Students can take those courses which are relevant to their research project and academic interests; they work with their supervisor and can receive an advice which courses will be the most useful for them.

Master study programs in Sociology can last from one to two years; the leigh of the study program depends on the chosen university and country. During all this period students are busy with their research project, which they submit by the end of their education. Sometimes Master study programs include internships and teaching practice.

Entry requirements for applicants

Those who wish to apply for Master study programs in Sociology need to hold a relevant Bachelor degree in Sociology or other Social Sciences; sometimes degrees in Law, Statistics or other related disciplines are accepted too.

Study programs

Some Master study programs in Sociology can be found by using our website, for example, MA Political Sociology in london School of Economics and Political Sciences, UK, or MA Cultural Sociology in Social Transformation Process, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark. Find the most relatable study program by using the Search button.

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