Why study medicine abroad?

If you wish to receive a world recognised degree in medicine, you should probably consider applying for a foreign university with strong Medicine study programs. Studying Medicine in foreign universities has its advantages and disadvantages.


The main disadvantage of studying Medicine in foreign universities is the price of education. Medicine degrees are usually one of the most expensive (especially dentistry), in addition, undergraduate study programs in Medicine usually last longer than other study programs, which causes a very high price for education in total. However,  a lot of universities support international students wishing to study Medicine and offer them scholarships, grants and other funding. Usually scholarships only cover tuition fees, but sometimes universities and foundations help successful candidates with accommodation expenses, living expenses, sometimes even laptop expenses are covered (tip: browse scholarships from universities of United Arab Emirates).

The other disadvantage of studying Medicine in foreign universities is that sometimes universities charge fees for exams.


Advantages of studying Medicine in foreign universities are obvious - after several years of education you will receive world recognised degree, which will open to you a variety of career opportunities either in your home country or in other countries - medical education plus language fluency are in high demand everywhere. You can also try to stay in the country where you have studied - some countries help recent graduates with residence.

If you can afford to spend several years and a lots of money on education, or your academic merit is strong enough to get you a scholarship - than studying medicine in foreign universities is the best option for you.

2022-01-14 10:18:17
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