Where did Meghan Markle study?

Meghan Markle was born in Los Angeles on August 4, 1981. The mother of the future star received a master's degree in social work, worked as a yoga instructor and psychotherapist.Dad is a lighting director. By the way, he even has an Emmy award.Often, together with her father, Thomas, Megan was on the set as a child, where she watched the television behind the scenes with great curiosity.The sociable girl easily made new acquaintances and dreamed of becoming an outstanding actress when she grows up.

Luck smiled at the Markle family with enviable regularity. One day Thomas decided to play the lottery.I didn't think about the lucky numbers for a long time - I chose the date of birth of my daughter.Part of the unexpected big win ($ 750,000) was spent on Megan's training.

A girl from the age of five studied in the best private schools where children of Hollywood celebrities were educated - first at the Hollywood Little Red Schoolhouse, then at Immaculate Heart High School, and later at a Catholic schoolLos Angeles.

In graduation classes, the girl could not make a decision about who she wanted to become in the future.She was equally attracted to thoughts of a political career and a career in television. Megan entered Northwestern University and earned a bachelor's degree in International Relations and Acting. She was constantly looking for new opportunities.So at the age of 20, she successfully completed an internship in Buenos Aires - a persistent student worked at the US Embassy.

The career of the actress was not very successful at first - from time to time she was approved for episodic roles in the series. Megan moonlighted as a calligrapher and model. The situation changed radically in 2011, when the actress got one of the main roles in the TV series Force Majeure.

Official information that the Hollywood star is dating Prince Harry appeared in September 2017. They started talking about the engagement of lovers after two monthsafter their joint publication.

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