Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is a subdiscipline of Chemistry Studies, which is dedicated to structure and reactions of organic compounds. Organic compounds include hydrocarbons and other hydrocarbonic compounds containing other elements (oxygen, nitrogen and others). Organic Chemistry is connected to Biochemistry, as organic compounds are the basis of live, and all complex molecules related to metabolism and other chemical processes of living beings are based on carbon and hydrogen.

Career options

Organic  Chemistry graduates can find a job in pharmacy, healthcare and biotechnology areas and work in various private and government institutions. Usually research centers and other scientific organisations require a Masters or PhD degree from job applicants, but Bachelor graduates can also find a job in research area, for example, lab technicians or junior researchers, and then advance in career.

Graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Organic Chemistry can also continue education in the following areas: Biology, Pharmacy.

Study programs

On our website you can find a variety of study programs in Organic Chemistry, for example, Physical Organic Chemistry  in Cardiff University, UK, MA Organic Chemistry in Stockholm University, Sweden,  MA Organic and Medicinal Chemistry in University of Gothenburg, Sweden, or MSc Bioinorganic Chemistry in University of Tromsø, Norway. You can find some more interesting study programs in Organic Chemistry using our Search.

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