PhD in Animation Studies

A PhD degree in Animation Studies might be interesting for people who wish to do research and teaching in this field. Since there aren’t many PhD degree options, students need to find other areas connected with animation.

One of PhD programs related to Animation Studies is visual communication and graphic design. These PhD programs can be found in several universities and colleges related to design studies, for example, Graphic Design and Typography in Anglia Ruskin University, UK, or PhD in Design, North Carolina University, USA.

Those who wish to start research activity in Animation Studies, can also apply for computer science and design PhD programs, or get a degree in cinematography which includes animation courses.

Some of PhD programs in Graphic Design are available online, which is also a big advantage.


Applicants for PhD programs in Animation or (more likely) related discipline usually need to hold a Masters of Fine Arts degree in a field you are interested at. A strong research proposal is always required, all universities also request recommendation letters from supervisors and scientific directors.

Future career

Besides research activity and teaching, PhD graduates in Animation Studies can start a career for government and create simulations to train pilots and foot soldiers for military engagement or gaming-style prototypes that hone leadership skills.

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