Art Portfolio

How to create an art portfolio for application

If you want to apply for one of the Art and Art history programs,  you should be ready to submit a work portfolio, proving you have basic drawing skills. Usually a portfolio is provided in the format of a video or a pack of photographs. The requirements for the portfolio depend on the university or college you have chosen, but the general requirements are similar for all educational institutions.

What to draw?

Usually universities allow applicants to choose which art works to include in their portfolio. Some universities, however, give applicants the same topics and assignments to objectively assess their skills.

If there are no special requirements for the portfolio from the university, but you don’t know which art works  you should include in it,  you can explore portfolios of successful applicants of last years, since they are usually freely available.

Here are some tips which will help you to collect a great art portfolio:

  • Include  works that were created during the last two years - the portfolio aims to show your recent level and skills;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of academic drawing techniques - shape, hatching, color, light, proportions, perspective.
  • Nevertheless, demonstrate your own style, and do not fill the portfolio with monotonous technical sketches.
  • In no case should you include works, copied from photographs or copies of other artists’ works in your portfolio - it should contain only the original art works of applicant.
  • Demonstrate the variety of skills and techniques you have obtained.
  • Submit high-quality photos of your art works.
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