Where did Rowan Atkinson study

Rowan Atkinson's extraordinary appearance and expressive facial expressions have become popular with viewers from different countries. Today the British actor is one of the most popular comedians in the world. However, the beginning of the path did not bode well for anything special. The boy was born into a large family in the small town of Consette in the family of a farmer and a housewife.

Since childhood, Rowan has enjoyed making friends and relatives laugh, experimenting with his own facial expressions. He parodied teachers at school so talentedly that even ill-wishers could not help laughing. Classmates often made fun of the boy because he stutters.Rowan found a way to use for his own good what others considered a disadvantage, coming up with more and more comic tricks.

Technical sciences were given to the boy with ease.It was not difficult for him to memorize long formulas. Physics was my favorite subject. After high school, he entered the University of Newcastle in the electrical engineering department, then wrote his doctoral work in Oxford. In his student years, Rowan Atkinson began performing on stage, taking part in comedy festivals. He was an enthusiastic student of the Experimental Theater Club and the Drama Society of Oxford University.

Rowan became a member of the Experimental Theater Club and the Drama Community of the University of Oxford. Popularity came while working on the radio. The show "People of Atkinson" consisted of interviews, which the presenter allegedly took from characters invented by himself. The next step in his career is participation in the Not Nine O'clock News program. The audience warmly received the new sketch show and looked forward to each new release.

The role of Mr. Bean became fateful for the actor. Rowan Atkinson invented an unusual character while studying at Oxford. He first appeared on television in this role in the 1989 New Years issue of Thames Television. After that, the TV channel aired a series named after the main character, and in 1997 the premiere of a full-length film about the adventures of Mr.Bean.

The audience warmly received Rowan Atkinson in another role - in 2003, the actor played in the film "Agent Johnny English". The parody of the James Bond films enjoyed incredible success, for his brilliant performance as an agent of British intelligence Rowan received the EuropeanFilmAwards.

The actor is familiar with the technique. He collects sports cars.Rowan once saved his family from a plane crash.In 2012, during a flight in a private jet, the pilot lost consciousness. Rowan Atkinson had to sit at the wheel for a while - although he had never done such a thing before, he managed to cope with the task. The pilot came to his senses and successfully landed the plane.

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