Soil Science

Soil Science is one of sub-disciplines in Agriculture, Forestry and Animal Science area. Soil is a layer of the earth's crust, suitable for the cultivation of various plants. Soil scientists work with origin, development, structure, composition, properties, fertility and distribution of soils, and also develop methods of protection of soil and its reasonable use.

Agronomy is one of the most applied disciplines which deals with soil. Agronomy studies the use of soil for the purpose of cultivating various plants.

Soil Science can either be taught by Department of Earth Science or Department of Agriculture and Forestry, as Soil Science is rather interdisciplinary subject, which includes courses in Geology, Cartography, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and many other disciplines. Study programs in Agronomy don’t usually include much courses in Geology, Cartography and other basic disciplines, since Agronomy is rather applied discipline with emphasis on practical lessons.

Soil Science graduates can start a career of agriculture consultants and help individual farmers and organizations with their fields or crops, or start their own business, or continue their education and become soil researchers, or start any other career related to agriculture and earth sciences  - the list of career opportunities for Soil Science graduates is wide.

Study programs

You can find several study programs in Soil Science by using our website, for example, BA Applied Plant and Soil Sciences in the University of British Columbia - Vancouver, Canada, MA Soil and Water Science in University of California Riverside, USA, or Master of Soil Science in North Carolina State University, USA.

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