Statistics Degree

Statistics are often understood as one of the branches of mathematics, and many Mathematical departments in universities around the world have a Statistics degree program among others. Statistics is a discipline which is dedicated to collecting and analyzing information. It is an applied discipline, which is deeply connected with accounting, economics, sociology, IT and finance.

Entry requirements

Applicants for undergraduate study programs should demonstrate high GPA scores, especially in Mathematics. A background in computer software will be an advantage during the admission process. Those who apply for a study program in foreign university, should also meet special language requirements for international applicants - usually it is TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent certificate, the minimum entry score depends on the chosen institution and country.

Career options for Statistics graduates

Statistics specialists are in high demand in various government and private institutions, for example, in data analysis,  healthcare and medicine, actuarial science,  environmental science, market research. Some of these areas require additional knowledge for job applicants, for example, if you wish to be a statistics specialist in data analysis, you will need strong IT and computer skills, and if you want to work in market research area, you need to show knowledge in marketing area. All these skills can be received by internships or joint degrees.

Study programs

You can find many undergraduate and graduate study programs dedicated to Statistics Studies using our Search, for example, MA Social Statistics in University of Southampton, UK, or MA Statistics in University of Nottingham, UK.

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