TOP 10 Things You Should Do as a Student

It doesn't matter if you have just entered and are still completely “green” or you have a month left before graduation - everyone will find a list of things to their liking, which must be done in time.

Before browsing this collection, try scribbling your own list, in the old fashioned way, with a pen on a piece of paper. Write the first thing that comes to mind! Then compare your results with the suggestions below and you will see how many matches there will be. Why not try to implement some of the points today?

1. Study abroad

We guarantee that any university graduate will answer the question what was the most memorable in all the years of study in the same way: an academic semester or a whole year abroad. It may seem daunting to study, or just live in another country, among a foreign culture, but do not forget that new opportunities will come along with the risk! You will be able to "pump" or learn from scratch a new foreign language, get acquainted with new traditions, make many interesting friends around the world!Remember that besides your alma mater, there are many great universities.

2. Try yourself as a volunteer

This point goes well with the previous one - why not volunteer while you are abroad? You can also go on special programs.In general, there will always be an opportunity to help near you. Colleges and universities tend to have entire student bodies responsible for this. Well, if you don't know them yet, then Google will help you!

3. Become a part of the student club

You probably played sports or went to clubs while in school.So why not shake off the old days? After all, the university is a whole new world, and the most important thing in it is to find yourselfactivity to your liking. And, believe me, there will be a lot of them. And if your dream hobby has not yet gained popularity, you can always take the initiative and organize, say, a classical painting or contemporary art club, a curling or bandy section - why not? Do not give up your favorite business and involve others in it!

4. Get new experience as an intern or full-time employee

Take care of your resume from a young age, in other words, be active, look for options, albeit unpaid, but interesting jobs that will be an excellent addition to your CV, and personally help you acquire new skills and professionalexperience. Well, if finances are just as important to you as a resume, try looking for so-called part-time options. A person who earns and distributes finances on his own, of course, does it more competently and frugally.

5. Receive this diploma with honors

No matter what anyone says about outdated priorities, it's nice to know that you are one of the best. Of course, you have to work doubly hard, but it's worth it. In addition to a high GPA, which can play a decisive role in the selection for internships and subsequent employment, thanks to a good and excellent study, you will open the doors to many cool events (often festive and evening) taking place at the university. And this, in turn, will have a good effect on your relations with the dean's office. After all, you must agree, it is much more pleasant to go to the dean for an invitation or letter of recommendation than to beg for admission to the next retake.

6. Spend a sleepless night

Surely, you have exactly opposite associations in your head now. First, you sit at your desk, desperate to memorize the material for tomorrow's exam, reminding yourself that sleep is for weaklings. Or the second: together with your friends you have fun, dance, have fun, or even justeat yummy treats all night.We warn you that sooner or later you will have to face the first! So set yourself a goal to spend at least one sleepless night really fun, so that later they will not be associated with you only with books and synopses. Invite your friends to watch the sunrise with you, or hang out somewhere together. The impressions you get will compensate for the subsequent fatigue.The main thing is that it does not become a habit.

7. For some time to share a house with a neighbor

Many, having entered the university, are forced to move to a hostel, so that they can complete this item in full. But even if you are not one of them, still think about how to share a house with someone at some point. Of course, at first it may seem terribly inconvenient, but this is a great school of life that will teach you to be more attentive and polite towards others. And of the obvious advantages - the ability to share rent and household chores for two. Who knows, perhaps this person will turn out to be very close in spirit to you or become a real friend.

8. Become a sweet campus couple

You are a college or university student, which means that by default you are surrounded by interesting and enthusiastic people. You will not have time to blink an eye, as it turns out that you are in love. Enjoy it! Campus can be a surprisingly good place to hang out: you can have an outdoor picnic, go to a student theater show, or just walk there on a fine evening. You do not need to be zealous and specifically look for "that" or "that" one, however, if feelings flood, do not hide them!

9. Cheer for the university team

Even if you are not an avid fan and have never been into any sport, it will not stop you from enjoying a football, basketball or baseball game.It's just a reason to get togetherwith friends on Friday night, dress in your team colors, shout "chants" and get a lot of positive emotions. And your support will help the players on the field.Isn't it a great combo?

10. Go on a trip by car

This is every student's dream, and it's never too late to make it a reality. Even a couple of weeks before prom, why not? After all, we are not talking about a perfectly planned trip with a sharpened route.It's all about spontaneity! And possible surprises and, who knows, troubles are easy to overcome together with loyal friends. By the way, the more "surprises" you meet along the way and the more different situations you have to overcome, the more you will remember the trip.In general, fewer words and more action.Go ahead, gather your team of fellow travelers tomorrow!

Fortunately, our list does not end there. Often, such lists of what you need to do are already posted on the website of a particular university and each of them is individual, so do not forget to look through them as well. We hope that you will remember your university years not only with notes and exams!

Author of the translation: Yulia Ermakova

2022-01-14 07:17:13
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