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TOP-5 Countries for International Students

Studying abroad is not easy. From moving out of your comfort zone to building a home in a faraway land to adapting to new ways of learning, coping with a new setting takes a toll on you. While it’s important to graduate from a top University, some other things play an equal, if not a bigger, role in the decision-making process.

Some countries might be too expensive to live in, while some might be hostile to immigrants or have a hectic procedure for the visa permit. The general lifestyle and cost of living of the country also decide whether you fit in there. The list of countries and factors to be taken care of is very long and can be exhausting. The more the number of factors, the more complicated the equation becomes. But don’t worry, we have put a nice little sieve and filtered out the best five options for you, in no particular order.


From elementary to postgraduate studies, Canada is known for the outstanding quality of education. The mentors bring their diverse perspectives to classrooms, making the learning interactive and fun. A typical study program comprises traditional lectures, group projects, assignments and interactive workshops. Students are guaranteed a rewarding career and an unparalleled lifestyle. Since English and French are equally spoken, you can easily blend into the place and culture.

Canada continues to cater for the best quality of life with pocket-friendly accommodation for students in all major cities. Along with excellent healthcare, friendly communities and an impressive job market, the nation holds a diverse and inclusive culture. As rumour has it, Canada has the most warm and friendly people on the globe, promising a pleasant stay for the international students. When it comes to having fun, you don’t have to pick between mountains and beaches; you’ve got both!


With rich wildlife and some enticing holiday destinations, Australia also stands at the forefront of technology and innovation. Home to six out of 100 best Universities worldwide, Australia has the highest percentage of international students. The emphasis on scientific research and skilled learning in the country is notable. The education system is well-equipped to provide undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a wide range of subjects.

The country follows a streamlined process for the student visa and demands health insurance for the period of stay. With 80% of the population speaking English, it is effortless to build meaningful connections with the natives. Students can do part-time jobs for up to 20 hours in safe workplaces to cover their daily expenses. Major cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane offer a fun, safe and secure environment for students to stay. Australia being the melting pot of cultures has something for everyone.

The United Kingdom

The education system in the UK is popular among students as’ the push they need to get more creative and resourceful’. The UK boasts globally-acclaimed teaching with the added advantage of short-term courses. For instance, a Master’s degree typically is two years, but you only need one year in the UK to call yourself a postgraduate. The place is rich in history, art and literature with an intricate connection to the major European countries. The UK allows a stay back of up to two years after graduation, which you can use to explore the different career paths.

As a student, you get free medical care and a variety of study grants and scholarships. The United Kingdom offers globally recognized degrees at low cost. Many students rely on part-time jobs in cafeteria, libraries, and stores. You are promised affordable student accommodation near all major Universities like University of Glasgow, University of Leeds and University of Liverpool, to name a few.

New Zealand

New Zealand holds a longstanding reputation for the high-quality life rendering world-class education and an ideal work-life balance. Due to the wise investment in education over the years, Universities in New Zealand has the capacity to admit more students. Hence, the admission requirements are minimal, and students stand a higher chance to get enrolled on a course of their choice. The country invests a lot in scientific research and encourages a holistic way of learning.

The government ensures a Code of Practice for the safety and well-being of the international community. The efficiency of governance is evident in the way the nation controlled the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. The people are well versed in English and are open to meeting and knowing people from diverse backgrounds. New Zealand has a variety of adventurous spots where you can go skydiving, sailing or skiing.


Though posing in front of the Eiffel Tower might top the list of things to do in France, it’s not limited to that. With the exceptional career opportunities, research-oriented learning and admirable campus life, you are spoilt for choice. The capital city, Paris, has been consistently topped the list of best student cities despite being the busy and bustling fashion capital. Both local and international students pay equal tuition fees in France. All the cities offer pocket-friendly student accommodation options you can choose from.

There is no debate about the romance of the language and the rich heritage when it comes to the French way of living. The country has so much to offer; from aesthetic roadside cafes to alluring nightlife to elegant art galleries, you will have the time of your life. With a Schengen visa in hand, France is your gateway to unlocking your European dream.

This is not an exclusive list. It will help if you carry out research and discussion to find out the ideal place for you. Yet, we hope to have helped you to get started on the journey.

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