Unusual countries for internships

When we first think about internships, a fairly classic list of countries comes to mind. Perhaps because an acquaintance interned in the U.S., and the son of a mother's friend just recently returned from Germany. So we are eager to go there, and few people think about the possibility of training in other countries, less obvious and “loud”. However, there are many places where internships can be much more exciting because my mom's friend's son hasn't been there yet. This article presents some of the not-so-obvious countries in which you can also enhance your skills.


Surprisingly, a country that occupies an entire continent is far from the top of the list. Australia tends to get lost in our minds, being so far away and strange as if someone had made it up. But no, this place is more than real, and it happily accepts everyone who wants to learn something new. Australia - a really friendly country, interested in attracting young professionals. There are many specialties available, some of which may not even exist in Europe. Moreover, one of the most important advantages of an internship in Australia is that it is a fully English-speaking country, which means that a basic knowledge of English will be enough to communicate with the locals. Here Australia is seriously superior to almost all the countries in Europe because you will need only one language. Of course, it's a big gamble: Australia is far away, life there is very different from our own, and the prices aren't exactly affordable, but isn't a trip to the ends of the earth worth the price? Find the right internship for you on the website.


This is a more common option, many people often think of China. And then immediately forget. “What? Chinese language? Oriental culture? Oh, no, that's a too radical change, and the people there are very different. Mauritius.

Yes, you read that right, Mauritius! A tiny island nation east of Madagascar. Now that's something you certainly couldn't have thought of! But an internship in a real tropical paradise is also possible, and we are not talking about any specific profession. Mauritius, like most of the countries featured in this article, offers several internships in popular and interesting fields. Don't be intimidated by Mauritius: among African countries, it is one of the best in terms of standard of living and GDP indicators, which means that you won't have to put up with any savagery. Interestingly, Mauritius has no official language: Mauritian, English, and French are all spoken here. Because the country is a popular tourist destination, no one will have trouble understanding your English, although knowing French is a huge plus. If you want an internship in paradise on earth, you should check out our website.

If you want to do an internship in paradise on earth, you should check out our website.

All of these countries could be called the most obvious of the non-obvious: Australia and China are too big to ignore for long, and Mauritius is a popular resort that's talked about quite a bit. But how many internships there are in countries you would never have thought of in your life! The world is a much smaller and more hospitable place than you might think, sometimes internships appear in its most incredible and even mysterious places. You can find great internships in the most interesting countries of the world on our website.

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