Water Law

Water resources law is a branch of law which is related to control and use of water massives and, more specific, water as a resource. Those who are interested in Hydrology and Water Management, but also wish to start a career in Law, should choose this discipline.

A specificity of education in the field of water law is that in addition to international water law, many countries define their own water law boundaries. The USA, the UK and some other countries have their water laws, in Australia the water law varies from state to state.

Career options for Water Law graduates

 A career in the field of water law usually requires a lot of specific knowledge and skills. Water Lawyers need to hold a PhD degree in Law with Water Law specialisation. A strong background in environmental law. Lawyers in the field of water law should understand how business and water resources relate. Strong communication skills are always required in Law field.

Graduates holding a degree in Water Law can also start a career as paralegals. Paralegals also work in Law area, helping lawyers with research. A PhD degree is not necessary required for a paralegal job, you can find a job even holding a Bachelor degree in a related area.

Study programs

Usually those who wish to study Water Law in a university start with an unspecified undergraduate study program in Law and then choose a specialization. Higher level degrees are usually more specialized. For example, you can find a PhD study program in Water Law in University of Dundee, UK, on our website.

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