Why study Biology?

Biology is one of the most diverse disciplines. Biologists explore natural world from microorganisms to huge animals and plants and the ecosystems that arise from the interaction of the smallest and largest creatures.

Studying Biology will provide you a lot of skills which will be useful either in research or other career path, such as teamwork and communication skills, organisation and analytical skills, research and problem solving.

Biologists work on solving many important problems facing humanity, for example, the treatment of dangerous diseases, the problem of hunger, the prevention of the extinction of rare species of animals and plants, the preservation of climate and so on.

Graduates of Biological Studies programs usually easily find promising, prestigious and highly paid job either in their home country or abroad, as a degree in Biological Studies opens up a lot of career opportunities in different areas of human life. Also Biological Studies degree will be very useful for students wishing to get a higher level degree in one of the following disciplines:  biomedical sciences, dentistry, dietetics, physiotherapy, orthopics, veterinary science and other related fields.

2022-01-14 10:17:29
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