Why study Economics?

Why do people choose studying Economics in University?

A year abroad

A lot of universities provide a year abroad for Economics students, which they can spend on education and training. Besides, every study program in Economics includes a variety of internships, which will help with job employment after the graduation.

Economics skills

Economics graduates receive a lot of transferable skills which can be applied to any area - analysis and research skills, written and oral communication skills, teamwork, IT and technology skills, as well as knowledge background in Mathematics, Law, Social Sciences., Business and Psychology.

Good salary

Economists all around the world receive very high salaries. According to the statistics of IFS and BBC, in the United Kingdom the level of wages of graduates of economics degrees is the second after the salary of graduates of medical degrees  - £42000 after graduation, and more than 12 percent of economics raise their salaries up to £100000 after ten years of working, which is the most promising result among all university graduates.

Career opportunities

It's hard to argue that education in the economics field provides a lot of employment opportunities (that's why all parents always advise children to apply for a degree in economics). In addition, economic education is that graduates can start a successful career after receiving a bachelor's degree without continuing their education.

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