Why study Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering is a very diverse and important for humanity area - it is devoted not only to the processing of fuel and energy production, which operates the whole world, but also cares for the preservation of the environment and seeks those energy systems that are least harmful to the atmosphere, soil, water. Here are some reasons to choose Energy Engineering and also some other Engineering branches.

Transferrable skills

Graduates with a degree in Energy Engineering receive a lot of skills which can be useful in many professions, such as:

  • an interest in science, technology and the environment;
  • general understanding of the energy market;
  • excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • scientific and mathematical skills;
  • organisational and self-organisational skills;
  • IT skills, knowledge of AutoCAD;
  • understanding the work of business and the economy;
  • project management skills, ability to work with deadlines;
  • problem-solving skills, diplomatic skills.

Various career options

Graduates with a degree in Energy Engineering can choose from a variety of employers and career paths - they are welcome in governmental departments, oil and petroleum companies, manufacturing, business, entrepreneurship, law, IT and computing areas. They can also combine their education with a degree in other area and be available for even more job placements.

High salary

It is not a secret that energetics is quite a rich area, so the salary of Energy Engineers is remarkably high. Another advantage is that standards of Energy Engineering are rather similar for all countries, so graduates from university of any country with a strong degree in Energy Engineering can start their career in any country of this world - they will be on demand everywhere.

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