Why study Environment?

Environmental Sciences is an umbrella term for very different disciplines. Human interaction with the environment occurs at all levels and in all areas of human activities (economic, political, everyday), so each type of human activity is covered by a separate discipline. Why would students choose to study these disciplines? There are several answers.

A variety of career opportunities

Whatever specialization of Environmental Sciences you will choose, you will receive a strong knowledge background in Earth Sciences and Geology, which can open a lot of career opportunities in non-profit ecological organizations, in government, in research institutions, in the field of agriculture and many other areas.

Environmental Sciences affect the state of our planet

The number of the population of the Earth increases with every second, and this means an increase of manufacturing, and more and more areas occupied by agriculture. Of course, this affects the Earth not in the best way - ozone holes increase, relict forests and water bodies are destroyed, whole kinds of animals and plants die out, the temperature of the Earth's surface rises. The purpose of Environmental Sciences is to find the most lenient way of interacting people and nature. Some environmental scientists work on creating new types of non-waste production, others look for ways to destroy non-derogable garbage, others work on cheapening the "green" production and make it more profitable. Without the efforts of all these people the Earth would soon become uninhabitable, therefore, each Environmental scientist is an everyday hero saving the world, which is a pretty attractive perspective.

Travel opportunities

One of the most pleasant part of many study programs in Environmental Sciences is that they can include fieldwork in other parts of a country or even in other countries, or even a year abroad. Therefore, a degree in Environmental Sciences is a good choice for those who wishes to travel during the education process.

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