Why study Environmental Health?

Environmental Health is not the most popular discipline in Public Health area, but it is still chosen by many students all around the world, and the number of study programs in Environmental Health is growing up. So why do students choose Environmental Health as a degree and why should you choose it?

Benefits for the world

The modern world is becoming more and more populous, and technological progress is also not standing still. The level of consumption is growing, and with it the ecological situation in the world is changing. It is increasingly difficult for a person or his body to adapt to constantly changing conditions, especially in large cities. The number of diseases associated with poor ecology is increasing every year. Therefore, mankind now so much need specialists in the field of environmental health.  They perform a variety of tasks - from the study of specific areas and the dangers caused by life in these places, to communication with government and finding ways to fix these problems.

Career options

Environmental Health is a discipline between Environmental Sciences and Public Health, which means students receive a knowledge background in both of these areas. So education in Environmental Health (especially in world leading foreign universities) is on high demand among employers. Graduates can work in government, research institutes, travel around the world as part of charity missions, or receive a prestigious job offer in management - the possibilities are very great. In addition, many career paths are available for graduates with a Bachelor's degree, which is a big advantage for those who do not want to spend two more years on the Master degree for some reason.

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