Why study Management & Organization?

Management and Organization is a very popular discipline, and it is chosen not only by future managers, but also by many people who wish to develop in other areas. Here are some reasons why you should choose a degree in Management & Organization.

Joint degrees

One of the main advantages of education is a possibility to combine education with education in other areas. It can be combined with Economics, Finance, Law, various areas of Engineering, Business Administration, Sociology and many other disciplines. A combined degree allows students to receive a deeper understanding of Management in a context of other disciplines. It also increases the list of possible careers for graduates.

High Salaries

That is why so many people choose a degree in Management & Organization: a job in this area can be really well-paid. For example, in USA Business Managers receive from 58000$ to 130000$ (or even more). Of course, an amount of salary depends on the received education and work experience - that is why many managers who have already have a job receive an additional education in Management & Organization area (usually online) and increase their salaries.

Transferrable skills

Education in the field of Management and Organization may be useful not only for Business Managers - received knowledge and skills allow graduates to start career in many other areas. Students receive excellent written and oral communication skills, presentation skills, ability to work in team, self-organization, ability to work with deadlines and many other.

Education abroad

Management is the most popular discipline to study abroad, and it does make sense - education abroad in leading universities has an excellent impact on successful employment and on the amount of salary.

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