Why Study Soil Science?

The modern world and its agriculture is changing rapidly due to new climate conditions and population growth. That is why the Soil Science and Soil Ecology are very applied and high-demanded. Here are some reasons why you should study Soils.

Deep connection with Earth Sciences

Soil Science and Soil Ecology is obviously is very related and integrated with Earth Sciences - Geology, Geography, Geophysics. The soil is a thin layer where rocks, bio organisms, air and water are communicating - so such disciplines as Biology, Chemistry and other are also connected with Soil Science. That is why education in the field of Earth Sciences includes core courses in these areas, which provide students a strong knowledge background, which can be used in many career areas.

Interesting study process

Soil Science is a degree for those who are keen on fieldwork and practical lessons, wish to spend their time in laboratories and in fields, as well as receive a lot of theoretical basis by lectures and seminars. Degrees in Soil Science prepare researchers - that is why they usually make emphasis in this methods and topics which will be useful for future scholars.

Diverse career options

Graduates holding a degree in Soil Science can try themselves in many profession connected with Agriculture, Geography, Biochemistry - even Archaeology! Science journalism and teaching (former and higher education) are also two popular career paths for Soil Science graduates. Many of them find a prospective job placement right after completing a Bachelor degree.

Helping humanity

Soil is life, and with every person born on earth, this life is required more and more. Therefore, the problems of soil, its erosion, drought, and dying are becoming more urgent. Apply for study programs in Soil Science if you wish to be a savior of the Earth for a little bit. 

2022-01-14 10:18:51
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