Linguistic anthropology

Linguistic anthropology

Linguistic anthropology is one of the branches of anthropology studies, which subject is connections between language and social life. Language has a colossal significance for the development of the consciousness of society, and also affects its identity, and at the same time depends on its identity. Language formation depends on many factors. For example, in some tribes the words denoting the direction of movement (right, left, north) are simply absent in the language. Instead, people use such words as "up the mountain," "from the mountain". In the language of the northern nations there are more than sixteen words for the white color. This is a consequence of the peculiarities of the geography of the place where native speakers live.

This complex connection between language and culture is studied by linguistic anthropology.

Linguistic anthropology has several subsections: historical linguistics (how languages develop), formal linguistics (what languages include), sociolinguistics (how languages are used in different social paradigms), and other.

Study programs

If you wish to complete a degree in Linguistic Anthropology, you have several options. Firstly, you can choose a BA study program from our list, and choose a Linguistic specialization where it is possible, or choose one of theoretic Linguistic study programs, for example,  Sociolinguistics in University of Essex, UK,  Language, Ethnicity and Education in King's College London, University of London, UK, Linguistics  University of Southampton, UK,  Theoretical Linguistics, University of Edinburgh, UK.




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