Neuropsychology is one of the sub-disciplines of Psychology Studies, which main subject is the interrelation of the human (and animal) brain and the neuronal system actions with its emotions and behavior; the aim of neuropsychology is finding connections between brain injuries or dysfunctions and deviations in human behavior and mental health.

Why neuropsychology?

Neuropsychology is located at the intersection of medicine and psychology, it makes possible the  explanation of the causes of many mental illnesses, and offers medicamental ways of their treatment.

Career path

Neuropsychologists can start their practice after getting a Masters degree in Neuropsychology, but sometimes a PhD degree is strongly required (for example, if you are planning tp start research activities).

Some neuropsychologists work as researchers, some assess patients, make diagnoses, and recommend a course of treatment. Neuropsychologists can find a job in private or government research centers, or wild range of healthcare  institutions, such as hospitals or clinics. Sometimes neuropsychologists start private practice.

Where to study?

Undergraduate students interested in neuropsychology can choose psychology, neuroscience, medical or biology study programs. Graduate students can choose from several neuropsychology programs around the world, for example, Applied Neuropsychology in University of Nottingham, UK, Clinical Neuropsychology in University of Glasgow, UK, or  Clinical Neuropsychology in Leiden University, Netherlands.



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